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A Time Honored Tradition

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the Philippines. With Christmas music being played as early as August, the Philippines boasts one of the longest celebrations of Christmas in the world which typically concludes within the week following the New Year. These traditions tie back to the deep influences of Catholicism traced back to the Spanish colonial rule beginning in 1521.

We pay homage to our traditional Filipino culture by performing Christmas Carols, referred to as panmamasko, and offering presents to children who've signed up ahead of time. Presents are free of charge to each child; however, we ask that you sign up ahead of time to ensure each child has a present.

As with many of our Filipino events, food is at the heart of our culture. We offer a traditional potluck-style lunch buffet with the lechon, or pig roast, being the centerpiece. Other foods typically provided include pancitadobo, puto, and bibingka

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